Michael James Becker is a media artist, designer, researcher, and educator from St. Louis, Missouri. He earned his B.A. from the Design | Media Arts program at UCLA in 2017 focused on investigations of computational media. His writing and interactive environments are born out of a research based practice concerned with language, technology, and philosophy.

Becker has curated, organized, and participated in arts events and exhibitions in the US and internationally. In 2014, he cofounded the creative conglomerate 65ETICA, whose activities included engineering a rooftop exhibition in Hong Kong. He has received awards that include a 2014 Dean's Scholarship from the UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture.

Becker has also worked as a design consultant and brand strategist for corporate clients in the US and abroad, including a one month residence at Star Dragon Films in Zhuhai, China.

Contact: mjbecker14@gmail.com | @mjamesbecker
Press: Beating Lights , Daily Bruin
Photo Credit: Rob Tom Browning