Commercial Work

I like to think about a client as a household that produces all kinds of things inside. When they need something, they will run an extension cord from an outlet out of their house to an external power source. An agency, big or small, is a generator that provides that external power.

And then there’s me, standing between the household and the generator, plugging and unplugging extension cords so the right amount of power is used to produce the right things, with the highest quality, every time.

Below are a few select examples of projects that I’ve had the privilege of working with amazing teams and partners on. 

Client: Experian

Role: Creative Producer, Line Producer

Client: LastPass

Role: Producer, Account Manager

Client: CNBC x LastPass

Role: Agency Producer, Account Manager

Last Call on CNBC

Client: Collier.Simon

Role: Producer, Project Manager

Collier.Simon Agency Website

Client: Dropbox Capture

Role: Creative Producer, Line Producer

Client: Dropbox

Role: Account Manager, Producer

Client: GoTo

Role: Project Manager, International Localization

Client: Vesica Technologies

Role: Account Manager, Producer

Deliverables: Visual Identity, Positioning, Brand Guidelines, Copy, Web Dev

Client: Bantix

Role: Account Manager, Producer

Deliverables: Brand Refresh, Logo Design, Web Dev