[Wood, screws, cable, acrylic, 2021]

In September of 2021, presented in partnership with UCSC’s Department of Digital Arts & New Media (DANM), I had the opportunity to show a version of The Trellis Project at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History’s Frequency Festival

For this version of the project, with an aim to bring to light the often invisible and underlying support structures of our communities and institutions, I collaborated with festival volunteers to create and distribute a short series of questions to the MAH’s employees. These questions invited responses about the conditions of their work at the museum. Their responses were then projected and traced onto acrylic panels that were suspended from a trellis at the entrance of the museum.

Special thanks goes out to Everett, Edie, Emma, Aron, Bianca, Jamie, Marla, Natalie, Ollie, Karlton, Bennett, and the rest of the community around the Frequency Festival for their support in realizing this work! 

[Initial Proposal, 3D Rendering]